I'm Luis and I go by Aciid. Currently residing in Mexico, living as a graphic design student. This is a personal blog where I'll post my interests in design, fashion and art. My faves are Gaga and Lana so you'll see them here. Oh, I like making cartoon Illustrations, watch out for those.
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Tokyo Ghoul - Uta

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Mawile & Sebleye C:

So I’m lame and I couldn’t keep up with the pokeddexy challenge so I made this drawing instead :P

My fav fairy type + fav single-stage pokemon

BTW I’m drowning in homework and I need to catch up with lots of things so I probably won’t make any new drawings in the next two(?) weeks I guess :’(

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- why do you keep checking your watch?
Oh, well, I guess it’s because…

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